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Meet The Team






First Year Intern

B.a. Arc. Technion, 2015

Second Year Intern

Student M.a. Arc

B.a. Arc. Technion, 2014


5th year, Technion

Shikun & Binui Visitor Center

Our Philosophy

The two main issues which interest me and constitute major axis in my work, are the context and space creation. The context in architecture, is a physical cultural and historical issue. We create and generate in a sequence, through. evolution, in existing environments and in specific light and climate conditions In the light of architects and builders who worked before us, and those who will follow our time. The historical and cultural heritage serves us as a background .for every action we take. 

The working tool of the architect is the creation of space. The public entrusts us in using a land, a volume of space, which we must design as a planned and built environment for him and his future. Architects should use this pledge with responsibly and talent, exploit its qualities and create complexity that would.provide the people values of identity, interest and excitement

Our Office

Specializes in Design and managing public buildings projects of large scale. Work experience in projects in Israel and abroad. Involvement in all phases of design process from architectural conceptual design stage to project realization on the construction site. Projects design and management to make contemporary architecture, of complex formal and structural qualities feasible. Coping with advanced technologies and original solutions so that the application is within budget and time frame.


1997 - 1998                    The Technion, Israel Institute of technology. B.a. Arc


1995 - 2000                    École dArchitecture de Paris-La-Villette

Proffessional Experience

2011 - Present               Amit Nemlich Architects


2007 - 2011                    Preston Scott Cohen, Inc


2000 - 2005                    Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects


1999 - 2000                    Kaizer-Lakner Architects and Town Planners


1998 - 1999                    Yuval Geni Architects


1998                                Dietmar Feichtinger Architects


2011 - Present               The Technion, Israel Institute of technology

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